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Measuring your stairs for a straight stairlift


This guide is here to help you discover the correct dimensions and measurements for your staircase so that your straight stairlifts installation is perfect. Watch the video below for a full breakdown on how to do this.

Stairlifts Measurement Guide

Youve seen the straight stairlift of your choice, and youre ready to book in your installation with SuperGlide Stairlifts, but hold your horses!

We will need you to take a quick few measurements for our installation team. These measurements will allow us to give you the perfect stairlift for you, and your home.

Thats the subject of our latest SuperGlide Stairlifts blog. Along with the accompanying video, well go into a bit more detail on what exact measurements we need you to take before your installation can take place:

Step One – Left or Right?

Let us know if your straight stairlift is going on the right or the left of your staircase. Then, if you can, measure the distance from the top flooring edge to the ground floor.

Our installation team can get a firm idea of the area theyll be working with and adjust their calculations accordingly; e.g. length and shape of the rail.

Step Two – How wide is your staircase?

Next, again if possible, measure the width of your stairs. We would recommend doing this on the narrowest section of your staircase.

Similar to step one, this gives our installation team a rough idea of some basics of the installation. For example, what size and shape of a chair would be best suited to your staircases width and length? How much room will you need to get in and out of your stairlift safely?

At Superglide Stairlifts, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your installation. Your safety for future use of your straight stairlift is most important to us!

Step Three – Any Obstructions?

If you think there may be any obstructions that could hinder your straight stairlift installation, please let us know.

These could be –

  • Radiators
    Gas or Electric Boxes
    Doorways or Wall Edges

If you think you may have a potential obstruction, tell us how far away these are from your staircase. Our expert installation team can then judge whether you need a hinged track or not.

Once youve got these critical measurements to us, we can then book you in for your COVID-safe installation date!

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