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    Choosing a Stairlift

    Tailored For Your Needs

    Its no easy feat choosing a stairlift for the first time, or even the second or third. There are so many options to choose from, it can often be overwhelming. This guide is to help provide an overview in to what stair lift is going to be the most appropriate and cost effective for you.

    When we are asked by customers “What stairlift should I choose”, the response is always the same:

    • The type of stairlift that you will need will be dependent on the staircase on which the lift is to be fitted
    • What are your personal requirements?

    When searching for a stair lift online it is important to consider what your personal requirements are and then finding a the right stairlift to accomodate them.

    This guide is here to help you choose the perfect fit for you and your home. If you still have questions unanswered or would like additional information discussed in this guide then please feel free to call one of our freindly advisors on:
    0800 058 8044

    Types of Stairlifts

    There are three main types of stairlifts when considering one for your home. All of which are tailored towards the structure of your staircase, the layout of your landing and the foot of your stairs.

    Straight Stairlifts

    Straight stair lifts are installed using a straight rail that runs alongside the wall of your staircase. The footrest is positioned to be level with the uppermost step on your stairs.

    If you have a straight stair case then a straight stairlift will be what you need.

    • Quick install
    • All makes and models
    • Low cost
    • Slim compact designs
    • Latest technology

    Curved Stairlifts

    If the staircases in your home has a flat bed which requires you to turn or any curveture in the walls, it will most likely required a curved staircase.  A curved installation can be designed to stop and start further away from your staircase reducing any obstruction.

    Curved staircases require precise custom installation in order to fit the dimensions of your staircase and tailor to your needs.

    • Needed if bend or curve
    • Rail is custom built
    • Added customization
    • Space saving models

    Vertical Stairlifts

    Vertical, platform, or through floor lifts, are installed for those who require to move from one floor to another or to get up and down raised areas.

    Vertical stairlifts are designed from a number of circumstances, most commonly aiding wheelchair users.

    • Structural alterations may be required
    • No need to transfer from one seat to another
    • Allow for standing whilst in use
    • Support more weight

    Tailoring To You And Your Home

    You may have decided which stairlift would be the most appropriate solution for you and your home but you may unknowingly require additional provisions which can be overlooked when choosing a stair lift.

    Swivel Seats

    Swivel seats allow you to rotate away from the staircase when mounting the lift. This provides an extra safety measure and offers additional convenience. Before the lift operates, the swivel mechanism will lock in to place, so there is no chance of the seat moving whilst in transit.

    Choice of upholstery

    Whilst the choice of upholstery may not be the number one priority for some, others may want to change their stairlift’s padded seating to better suit the style of their home. We can often tailor the colour and material of your padded seat, please contact us before making a purchase to ensure your model has removable seating that can be altered.

    Choice of remote control

    One aspect that customers often overlook if they are purchasing a stairlift for the first time are the remote controls. You can choose between right handed and left handed depending on your preference. Some people may have little grip therefor it is important to find a remote control that best suits you.

    Perch Seats

    A perch seat is required for those who find sitting down uncomfortable. This option provides a much needed convenience to traditional seated stair lifts.

    Powered footplates

    All stairlifts come equiped with a foot rest platform to rest your feet. When the stairlift is not in operation the foot rest can be folded up to prevent any potential obstruction. Some may find it uncomfortable or are unable to fold the footrest to its upright position. In this instance a powered footplate that can be folded using a remote control may be required.

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