Having a disability shouldn’t prevent you from travelling around and enjoying everything that Warrington has to offer. Unfortunately, some venues and buildings in the UK still aren’t up to snuff when it comes to accessibility, but keep reading below to see a selection of accessible things to do in Warrington. From eating out to enjoying the outdoors.

Shopping in Warrington

Hatters Row – Warrington Town Centre

Hatters Row is a quaint little shopping nook right in the centre of Warrington. Less than 5 minutes walk from the bus interchange and taxi rank. It features a variety of shops and services such as hairdressing and a cafe.

Parking at Hatters Row
  • The nearest car park is at Asda (a 3-8 minute walk away).
  • There is no designated drop-off point.
  • No street parking (including Blue Badge holders.)
Hatters Row Entrance
  • The entrance to Hatters Row has a set of double doors that are permanently propped open.
  • There are a second set of double doors that are not always open. These push away from you to open.
Hatters Row Interior
  • The interior of Hatters Row is fairly well lit, especially the stairs and lift.
  • The second floor can be accessed by stairs; with a handrail on either side.
  • This floor can also be accessed by a lift, located at the back of the venue.
  • The lift does not contain braille or any audio cues.
  • There is no designated accessible toilet.
  • There are only standard toilets in the venue.

Overall we think that bearing in mind the age and size of the venue Hatters Row has made many accessible improvements to the building. We would like to see more options added for those with impaired sight in the future.

Golden Square Shopping Centre – Warrington Town Centre

The Golden Square Shopping centre has plenty of popular shops and eateries from Costa Coffee to Next. One of the busiest places to shop in Warrington, Golden Square also has easy access straight from hopping off the bus or out of your car. From the Warrington Bus Interchange, you can head straight into a lift and into the Mall in less than 30 seconds!

Golden Square Shopping Centre - Warrington

Parking at Golden Square

  • Golden Square has its multi-storey car park with designated blue-badge spots.

Golden Square Entrance(s)

  • There are multiple entrances to the shopping centre, each with automated doors.
  • Some floors are level access. However, multi-storey car park floors may require the use of a lift.
  • Some external access has both ramps and stairs with double handrails.

Golden Square Interior

  • There are both escalators and lifts to multiple floors.
  • The lift has audio cues, braille and visual indicators.
  • There is access to a hearing system.
  • The lighting levels of shops and the main area is good.
  • There are accessible toilets with bright lights, grab rails and low hung mirrors/sinks.

Golden Square Shopping centre has a great selection of accessibility features. Both internally and externally Golden Square has plenty of help for those who need to use a wheelchair or have other mobility issues. It would be great if the Reception Desk could offer help via a member of staff trained in BSL.

The Forge Shopping Centre – Stockton Heath, Warrington

The Forge is a small but varied shopping centre in the heart of Stockton Heath, a lovely little village in South Warrington. With its dedicated car park and only a 4-minute walk from the nearest bus stop, the Forge is easy to travel to and from.

Parking at The Forge

  • The Forge has its car park which is free for blue badge holders.

The Forge Entrance(s)

  • The front entrance to the forge has no doorways. There is a gentle slope down into the actual walkway.
  • The entrance to the forge off of the car park has no doorways. There is a gentle slope onto the walkway, along with a pedestrian crossing.

The Forge Interior

  • As the forge is technically an outdoor shopping centre; there is plenty of daylight available.
  • No steps leading into the forge.
  • There is an accessible toilet available in Esquires Coffee House; available even to non-paying customers.

The Forge is on one level, which makes it very wheelchair and scooter accessible. Nevertheless, some shops and cafes are close together. At busy times, it can be hard to navigate. There is no hearing assistance and the low contrast design may not make it easy for those with impaired sight.

Parks and Gardens in Warrington

Queens Gardens – Warrington Town Centre

Queens Gardens is a small park located in the heart of Warrington Town Centre, in the Cultural Quarter. Surrounded by the Parr Hall, the Pyramid Centre and wonderful bars and restaurants, Queens Gardens offers a welcome source of greenery. Perfect to relax on a Summer’s Day, or take a break during your shopping trip.

Parking at Queens Gardens

  • There is Blue Badge parking around the perimeter of the gardens.

Queens Gardens Entrance(s)

  • There are small kerbs around the park with ramps to assist.
  • There are bollards in the entrance but are wide enough for a wheelchair to pass between.

Queens Gardens Interior

  • Queens Gardens have smooth footpaths.
  • There are no toilets at Queens Gardens.

Queens Gardens is a nice small park. Yet due to its size does not have its own WC, reception area or other accessible features.

Walton Hall Gardens – Higher Walton, Warrington

Walton Gardens is the home to Walton Hall, the former home of Lord and Lady Daresbury. Featuring a free Children’s Zoo, play area and acres of ground; including flower beds and golf.

Walton Gardens - Warrington

Parking at Walton Hall Gardens

  • Walton Gardens has its parking, including Blue Badge plots.
  • There is a ramp between the parking and the gardens.
  • Parking is approximately 3-5 minutes away from the gardens.

Walton Hall Gardens Entrance

  • There are gentle/medium slopes around the gardens.
  • There is an accessible entrance at the rear of the Hall.
  • The Zoo and Children’s play area are wheelchair accessible.

Walton Hall Interior

  • There is an accessible cafe located at the bottom of the gardens.
  • To reach the hall assistance may be required due to the angle of the slopes.

Walton Hall Gardens is a beautiful park, however many of the accessible features are not always available to the general public due to some being in the Hall itself.

Bank Park – Warrington

Bank Park is located next to the Warrington Town Hall and is approximately 5-15 minutes away from the Golden Square Shopping centre. 

Parking at Bank Park

  • There is no designated drop off point at Bank Park.
  • No blue badge parking spots are available.
  • Limited general spaces are available.

Bank Park Entrance

  • There are multiple entrances to Bank Park.
  • Bollards are located at the entrances with enough space for a wheelchair/mobility scooter to pass.
  • There are gentle slopes at some of the entrances.

Bank Park Interior

  • There is a footpath around the interior of the park.
  • Benches are stationed along the length of the footpath.
  • The play areas have push gates.
  • The fitness area has a push gate.

The park is simple and a nice place to take dogs and children. However, there are no toilets within the park itself or close by. 

Places to Eat in Warrington

Bents Garden Centre – Glazebury

Bents is a place for shopping, eating and walking. There is a vast variety of shops and services plus Pet Grooming and Golf.

Parking at Bents

  • Bents has free on-site parking.
  • No designated drop-off point. 
  • There are blue-badge locations.

Bents Exterior

  • Both entrances have automatic doors.
  • There is no step to climb to enter the building.

Bents Interior

  • There is no hearing assist system.
  • Restaurants have ample room for wheelchair users.
  • There are no lowered counters.
  • Accessible toilets are available in multiple areas of the Garden Centre.
  • Access to the golf area requires the use of pull doors.

Overall, Bents is accommodating of various needs. The restaurants, in particular, could up the game by offering menus in braille and large print and offering table service. 

Warrington Market – Warrington Town Centre

Warrington Market has a variety of places to eat and

shops to visit. The large, open seating area means that people can eat from multiple locations but sit together.

Parking at Warrington Market

  • Warrington Market does not have its own car park, but Time Square car park is across the road, which has Blue Badge parking.
  • There are no street parking bays or Blue Badge bays.
  • Designated drop-off points are not available.

Warrington Market Exterior

  • There is a slope to access the venue from the street entrance. There are handrails available for both the ramp and the steps.
  • Step-free entrance to the market. 
  • The doors open automatically.
  • Other entrances that contain steps also contain a lift.

Warrington Market Interior

  • Lifts do not have an audio representation of which floor you’re on.
  • The lift does not contain braille buttons or switches.
  • Full table service is available for the food court. 
  • Most restaurants have low-counter access.
  • There is plenty of room for wheelchair users.
  • Escalators and lifts are available for the first floor.
  • Accessible toilets are available on the ground floor and the first floor.

In the heart of Warrington Town Centre, the new market is a great place to eat and take a break. 

Little Manor – Thelwall

Little Manor is a dog-friendly pub/restaurant located in Thelwall.

Little Manor Thelwall

Parking at Little Manor

  • Little Manor has its own parking which is free for everyone.
  • Blue Badge holders have access to parking spaces closer to the venue.
  • The doors into the pub open outwards (pull). Some assistance may be required.

Little Manor Exterior

  • There is a slight ramp into the venue.
  • The side entrance is not always open.

Little Manor Interior

  • Most of the interior is flat, except for a step that leads to additional seating.
  • Full table service is available.
  • Menus are not available in Braille or Large print but staff can assist.
  • There is an accessible toilet with a step down to standard toilets.

Information for this blog post was gathered from staff personal experience and made more accurate by researching the wonderful site accessable.co.uk which we would recommend to anyone wanting to research ahead of time. Not just for Warrington but the whole of the UK! If you need to make your own home more accessible, you can get our curved and straight stairlifts installed quickly and fuss-free. Chat to one of our team today by calling 01925 414771 or you can email sales@superglide-stairlifts.co.uk.

At the time of writing this blog post, all information is accurate and up to date to the best of our knowledge. However, we can’t be responsible for any inconsistencies or differing information. We would always recommend doing your own research ahead of time by ringing the venue or checking out the website above before choosing accessible things to do in Warrington.

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