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With the amount of stairlifts online to choose from, it can be troublesome finding the right stairlift for you. However, first and foremost, you should consider whether a stairlift is the right solution to your needs.

Buying a Stair lift

If you are committed to purchasing a stair lift or simply browsing, it is important to know you are getting the right equipment, at the best price. This guide aims to provide essential information that will help you make the most informed choice before investing in a stair lift.

Stair Lift Prices

There is no shortage of stair lifts to purchase online. This is great as it allows you to shop and compare prices. Unfortunately, many stair lift sellers put profits before people. As a result, we have seen stair lift prices rise over the years. This is very disconcerting as there are individuals that are simply priced out the equation. Leaving them unable to afford a piece of equipment that would ultimately improve their quality of life.

Which independent research found:

“The average cost for a standard stair lift in the UK is between £2,000 – £6,000”

Fortunately, here at Superglide Stairlifts we are amongst the very few in the industry who place a strong value in improving lives. This has always been our company ethos and we will continue to progress in exactly the same way by promising to continue placing our customers above all else.

We often encourage our customers to shop around for the best value deal, as we are confident that our fair price policy won’t be beaten. In the unlikely event that our prices are higher, which hasn’t happened yet, we promise to price match any industry recognised retailer like for like.

So how can we afford our prices to be so low?
We have built up strong and last lasting relationships with suppliers, just as we have done with all of our customers, through honesty, transparency and good will. These values are deeply engrained in to our company values and always have been since day one. So, when we are offered discount from suppliers, the savings are past straight to our customers.

VAT Exceptions on Stair lifts

If you are registered disabled or have a severe debilitating health condition, you will be eligible for a VAT exemption. If this applies to you and you would like to know more we recommend speaking to one of our friendly advisors on: 0800 058 8044/01925 414771.

Purchasing a Second Hand Stair Lift

Purchasing a refurbished stair lift can be a great way to save money. Reconditioned stair lifts are usually available for both straight and curved stair cases.

Preconditioned stair lifts can be ex display models, others may be lifts that have already had a previous owner. Nevertheless, we wish to provide affordable stair lifts to suit any budget. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of reconditioned stair lifts to choose from.

But don’t let the “used tag” put you off. Whilst our reconditioned stair lifts cost less than their new counterparts, quality and safety are never compromised. We have an extremely strict safety assessment process which stands to test safety and operating life. Only if all of our criteria are met in full do we then offer our stamp of approval.

Don’t pay over the odds for your stair lift. Our independent research found that that average cost for a reconditioned stair lift was between £1,500 – £3,000! Do your research and shop around for the best retailers. At which point we look forward to greeting you once more after you have shopped around for the best value for money.

When choosing your stair lift, make sure to check:

You’re buying from a registered and reputable company
Fitted by trained and experienced fitters
Comes with a warranty or guarantee
The age of the lift being supplied
Extra specifications fitted to the lift

Stair Lift Installation

The installation for each stair lift can vary based on what type of stair lift you have chosen, and the type of rail that is being installed. Straight stair lifts are often the quickest to install, usually in less than 2hours. Curved stair lifts can take it little longer based on the complexity and labour needed to install the curved rail. All rails are now fitted to the floor, which removes the need to add drill fixings in to the wall, speeding up installation.

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