Stairlifts can be fitted to the majority of staircases. Still, there are some circumstances where this isnt easy.

In our latest SuperGlide Stairlifts blog, we talk you through several factors in deciding which stairlift will fit perfectly for your home. We also discuss how our team of expert fitters can ensure both a perfect fit and that you can use your new stairlift safely.

The Staircase Width Factor –

The main factor that influences whether you can have a stairlift fitted is the width of your staircase. If your staircase is too narrow, then this can cause safety issues. Stairlift users could bang their knees on the rail or wall, or your stairlift could potentially become a trip hazard.

At SuperGlide Stairlifts, our expert team believe that between 29 and 32 inches are the minimum width a staircase can be for a standard stairlift to be fitted.

To find out if your staircase meets these minimum requirements, simply use a tape measure and place it across one of the steps of your stairs.

If you find that your staircase is slighter longer, or shorter than these recommended measurements, it doesnt mean you cannot get a stairlift fitted! It might just mean that you may have to look at alternatives such as a standing, otherwise known as perch, stairlift installed.

The Staircase Height Factor –

The height of your staircase also needs to be considered when deciding on a stairlift. This is to ensure no nasty knocks on the head for when the stairlift is in operation!

Typically, this is not an issue for people considering a stairlift for their home. However, the vertical space needs to be taken into account if you are considering a perch stairlift. This is because the lift user will stand up and, therefore, take up more space vertically than a stairlift where the user is sitting down.

The Curved Staircase Factor –

Whether your staircase is straight or has a bend or curve is the next factor to consider when looking into purchasing a SuperGlide Stairlift for your home.

A curved staircase is always a bit of a challenge for stairlift installers. Still, at SuperGlide Stairlifts, were always up for a challenge!

The challenge is that with a curved staircase, the fitting and fixtures of your new stairlift will have to be tailored to the area in which we have to work. To find out more about curved stairlifts and how SuperGlide Stairlifts can help, visit our site here.

The Parked Stairlift Factor –

The last factor to consider is the space around the top and bottom of your staircase, essentially where the stairlift will be parked when not in use.

Mainly, if there is a door at either the top or bottom of the staircase, then the stairlift could block this and create a hazard. Luckily, solving this issue is relatively easy. By ensuring the rail is foldable (only at the bottom of the stairs) or by having a partly curved rail installed, the stairlift can be parked around the side of the staircase  at either the top or bottom.

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