Here at Superglide Stairlifts, we’re Warrington and the North West’s premium provider of Curved Stairlifts in Warrington.


A curved staircase is often a statement piece of many a home.


However, once we get to a certain age, tackling these staircases can become more of a hindrance than a help!


Our dedicated team can not only provide expertise and advice on choosing a stairlift. But also visit your home for a survey and eventual full fit and finish of your Curved Stairlifts Warrington!


In our latest blog, we’ll discuss everything we can offer when it comes to curved stairlifts and why there’s only one choice to consider – Superglide Stairlifts!


Curved Stairlifts Warrington


Curved Stairlifts in Warrington are always in high demand due to their practicality, design and safety.


Engineered to travel safely both up and down stairs, curved stairlifts are a must for customers that struggle with stairs or for family members that have concerns about their elderly relatives falling while they are away.


Ideal for domestic settings, we can also cater to care settings such as nursing homes or respites, where the need for stairlifts may be greater.


Curved Stairlifts Warrington are designed so they can stop and start much further away from your staircase than a traditional straight stairlift, minimising the risk of any obstruction or accidents.


When should I consider a Curved Stairlift?


With so many stairlifts, both new and used, to choose from, it can be incredibly difficult to decide which one is right for your needs or the needs of a family member.


Things to consider when debating purchasing Curved Stairlifts Warrington are:


  • Need a stairlift that can move easily up and down a curved or bent staircase?


An easy thing to point out, but if the answer is yes, a curved stairlift is a perfect choice!


  • Have a custom staircase that would need a custom rail built and installed? 


Not a problem! Our engineering and installation team are dab hands at tackling even the most peculiar staircase shape, size or design; try us, and you might be surprised!


  • Think you might need some customisable features that a straight stairlift can’t provide?


A Curved Stairlift can offer numerous customisations including stop-start technology and different speed settings.


You can discuss your needs in-depth with one of our friendly customer service advisors, at any of our branches across the North West.


  • Need a stairlift that can save space?


Given their sleek and practical design, curved stairlifts are a fantastic choice for customers looking to save space or make the most of the space available to them!


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Ready to take the first step to purchase? 


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