Customising your Stairlifts is crucial to getting the perfect stairlift for you!

At Superglide Stairlifts, we have a range of customising options for you to choose from!

We have additional provisions that can sometimes be overlooked when choosing a Stairlift.

Check out our options below to get your perfect stairlift today!

Superglide Stairlifts Swivel Seats

Swivel seats provide an extra safety measure for you when using your stairlift.

Our swivel seats offer additional convenience, which allows you to rotate away from the staircase when getting on the lift.

They are regarded as one of the best features of a Stairlift as it allows for the most accessible exit.

Choice of upholstery

Matching your stairlift to the style of your home is often overlooked by customers.

At Superglide Stairlifts, we have a range of padded seating to suit the colours of your home!

We can often tailor the colour and material of your padded seat. Please contact us before purchasing to ensure your model has removable seating that can be altered.

Choice of remote control

The choice of remote control is something that customers rarely consider.

At Superglide Stairlifts, we provide our customers with the option to choose between a left or suitable handed controller.

We aim to cover all of our customers’ needs as some may have difficulty operating the controls from a particular hand.

Superglide Stairlifts Perch Seats

A perch seat is required for those who find sitting down uncomfortable or on extremely narrow staircases. This option provides a much-needed convenience to traditional seated Stairlifts.

Powered footplates

We want to provide you with the ultimate comfort when onboarding your stairlift.

Our selection comes equipped with a footrest platform to rest your feet with the ability to fold up the rest to stop any obstruction.

Our powered footplates can be folded using a control for easy access and hassle.

Hinged Tracks/Slide Tracks

We have two track variations to suit your stairlift, hinged and slide.

A hinged rail is helpful when there is an obstruction (usually a door) at the foot of the stairway or where the rail could cause a tripping hazard. It should be noted that the hinge is manually operated.

This unique solution removes the need for a hinge. Instead, the track moves up the staircase at the same time as the seat is moving, leaving the doorway at the base of your stairs unobstructed.

Like a powered hinge, the Slide Track works automatically when the toggle or remote control is activated.

A Slide Track is slightly shorter than the length of your staircase. When you travel up the stairs, the track will move with you.

The track will reach the top of your stairs before the stairlift, it will stop whilst your stairlift continues on its journey to the top where you can safely dismount.

When you come downstairs, the track will travel down with you so you can dismount safely at the bottom.

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