Our customers’ safety is paramount to us at SuperGlide Stairlifts. A job well done for our team is when we leave a customer’s residence with them with a smile on their face and fully operate their new stairlift with ease.

Our goal is to make life easier for those who might need an added bit of help getting around their home.

A home should be somewhere you feel safe and comfortable. If a struggle upstairs impairs this, then that’s no good at all!

In our latest SuperGlide Stairlift blog, we go through how you can help us ensure that the stairlift you choose suits your individual needs. Most importantly, it keeps you safe too!


User Safety and Operation –

First of all, let’s make sure that your stairlift of choice is as comfortable as possible for you.

Standard designs are often in the seated position, but it can be difficult to bend at the knees for some customers.

In this case, a stairlift that allows the user to stand or “perch” would be a much safer option.

We also have to take into consideration who will be the primary user of a stairlift. If there is only going to be one person making use of the stairlift, then we’ll assess your needs accordingly; likewise, for more than one user.

For example, a “sit and stand” design may benefit multiple users as it offers, as the name suggests, the option to sit or stand on your stairlift.

We’ll then need to make sure that we install the most appropriate controls for you to operate your new stairlift at the touch of a button!

For example, we’d never leave a customer who has arthritis with fiddly controls! In this case, a simple, remote-control would be the best option. This keeps the user as safe as possible by calling the stairlift when it’s needed. You can also move objects up and down the stairs that otherwise might be too heavy to carry.


In-Built Stairlift Safety Features –

All of our new and reconditioned stairlifts come with in-built safety features, such as:

  • Seat/Safety Belt – Like a car, a seatbelt should always be worn when using a stairlift for extra safety and security.
  • Lockable Seat – The last thing we’d want is for the seat of a stairlift to move, just as you come to the top or bottom of your stairs! This is where a lockable seat comes into play. Controlled manually, our team will fit and secure this to your needs before leaving a job to ensure the safe operation of your new stairlift from the get-go!
  • Auto-stop sensors – Left something in the path of your stairlift by mistake? Auto-stop sensors can detect objects in their way and won’t start again until it has been removed.


For stairlifts that put safety and design first, there’s nobody better than SuperGlide Stairlifts! Call 01925 414 771 or click here for an online quote: https://superglide-stairlifts.co.uk/contact-us/

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