Purchasing or even contemplating buying a stairlift comes with plenty of questions, but one of the top ones, especially from loved ones is, ‘are stairlifts safe?’  

The answer? It’s a resounding yes but still, people worry and doubt whether this is the case.  

That’s why we’ve decided to try end some of those common misconceptions and stigmas through this blog, explaining just how safe these state-of-the-art machines are these days. Come and take a look 

Are they made cheaply? 

Stairlifts don’t come cheap, and this isn’t down to companies making big markups by selling their products for a big profit.  

Each machine goes through a rigorous testing phase, overlooked by industry experts and masters of their craft.  

Any small fault, no matter how little will need to be repaired or replaced before it can go out to the customer.  

Surely it will hurt if I fall off the stairlift?  

They may seem slow going up and down the stairs but there is a perfectly logical reason for this…safety.  

Not only is it extremely comfortable but it is also the right speed to ensure you are highly unlikely to fall off.  

Tests are regularly carried out and the speed of your machine is by far the safest to travel at. 

So the machine may be safe, but how will I know it has been installed properly?  

Here at Superglidewe have a team of expert fitters who have completed jobs throughout the northwest for decades. As a proud business in the community, we never leave a job unless we are 100% satisfied that the installation has gone to plan.  

If any changes to the stairs are needed, we know exactly what to do and can advise on the process, as well as how long it will take. 

What happens when there is a power cut?  

Fortunately, the days of being scared about power cuts and being stranded on the stairs are long gone. Nowadays, most machines are batteryoperated, and when the chair is not in use it will spend its time charging up to be ready whenever it is required.  

Should there be a power cut, then you’ll be able to easily reach the fuse box or inspect the problem no matter what floor you’re currently on.


What if something does go wrong?  

In the unlikely event that something happens to your product, then you will be covered by our company warranty, something we are proud to offer on all of our machines. Its our way of saying how confident we are in our products. For that extra peace of mind, you can also take out an extended warranty to further prolong the life of your stairlift.  

Superglide Stairlifts have been serving customers of all ages for generations; you can see the full range of products we offer, from pre-owned to brand new here 

If you have any more questions about safety or are interested in purchasing our products, then get in touch by calling 08000588044.  


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