We know that staircases come in many different shapes and sizes. A split level staircase refers to a staircase that usually has a few steps; a flat landing and then another few steps. There can be one, two or more sections of stairs. There are a few options on what to do when you have a staircase like this. Keep reading below on how to get a stair lift for a split level staircase.

Analysis of your Staircase

We can offer a lot of assistance over the phone. If you need some advice or would like to discuss your stairs with us: you can call us and even send us photographs of your staircase through Whatsapp and eMail. If you aren’t able to send images, then don’t worry. However, they can be helpful if you can.

Think about the design of your stairs and what your needs are. Do you have a split level whereby you have one or two steps at the bottom before your first landing? How large is the landing area? Would you be able to climb up the first step or two unassisted? These are the sort of questions we will ask you when you call.

Multiple Straight Lifts vs A Curved Staircase

If you have large landings, you can save money by installing multiple lifts. It works by alighting one stairlift on your square-shaped landing area and sitting on another to complete your journey. See the illustration below.

split level staircase stairlift path

In cases where you have triangular-shaped steps or mobility issues that will prevent you from climbing single steps on your own, you may consider a curved stairlift. Curved stairlifts run on a custom-built track that follows the contour of your stairs. You don’t have to worry about navigating twisting or small steps around corners or bends; your chair will take care of that for you.

curved stairlift path split level staircase

Due to curved stairlifts being a custom-built item for the home, the price can run higher than a straight stairlift. If you would like a no-hassle, no-obligation quote, you can send photographs for our team to review. We will get back to you, in many cases, the same day. 

It’s essential to weigh up the pros and cons of both options. Saving money can be imperative but can also cause more inconvenience in the long run. Users with declining health or mobility may find it difficult to navigate multiple lifts as they get older. 

Never be afraid to pick up the phone and ask us some questions about what may work best for you or how to get a stair lift for a split level staircase. We have a small, friendly team who aren’t here to push sales or figures. 

You can call us on 01925 414771 or email us at sales@superglide-stairlifts.co.uk

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