Older relatives and friends can enjoy the company of others for both increased physical and mental wellbeing. Whether part or full time, there’s plenty to think about when inviting elderly relatives into the home.

Start by learning more about your guest. What medication do they require, and how often? What is their relationship with the rest of your family? Having any guest stay in your home can disrupt the family, especially those with more particular needs. It’s not an easy task to invite someone into your home to live part or full time. Have an honest discussion with your new guest and your partner/children to see if this arrangement is for you.

Don’t wait too late before making arrangements with your loved one. Ample preparation will allow for a smoother transition. Whether you choose to mix your homes or seek independent professional housing options is up to you.

Quick and easy budget options

If you’re having an elderly relative visit short-term, there are plenty of easy options that you can do to make your lives a little easier. In turn, giving you both peace of mind and a more relaxing atmosphere. If you have a wooden floor, you can purchase non-slip wax or plastic floor runners to make traversing the rooms easier. This is especially important on the stairs.

Tripping Hazards

Be mindful of rugs around the home, as they are an easy tripping hazard especially for those using a walking aid. Not only can rugs with a thicker shag cause a tripping hazard, but the change in texture between floors (for example a wooden floor with a rug on top) can be jarring and can easily break the stride of a confident walker.

Electrical cables and other wires can also pose a hazard, so should be tidied away.

If you have a pet (or multiple), they can mean well but sometimes get in the way. If your pets are boisterous or aren’t trained yet, consider keeping them in a separate space whilst your older guest manoeuvres around the home.


Some older people may have difficulties with their hearing or their sight. If your guest is sight-impaired, consider adding extra lighting around the home so they can see a little bit easier. Voice-activated smart assistants such as Google Home Nest and Amazon Alexa can be used to control smart lighting options without flicking a switch. Technology can sometimes be a little bit daunting if you’re unsure of what you’re doing but voice-activated assistants are constantly improving. Simple instructions like “Hey Google, turn off the lights!” can be simple and easily remembered.

Exterior and hallway

One important step to think about is the exterior of the home. Grab rails are relatively inexpensive and can be attached to the outside of the home or in the hallway. This can help with traversing the step into and out of a home. Maybe consider installing a ramp when inviting elderly relatives into the home.

More permanent options

The Bathroom

The bathroom is potentially the most dangerous place room the home. If you’re inviting elderly relatives into the home, you should consider placing waterproof assistance throughout your bathroom. Waterproof grab rails and chairs can be purchased to allow a person to shower or bathe independently. Non-slip bath mats or rubber suction mats are a good idea for those who like to stand in the shower. If you’re having an older person stay in your home for a longer period, consider installing a walk-in shower.

The Stairs

This area of the home can be tricky to navigate. An elderly relative shouldn’t have to be confined to the home’s lower floor – even if you have a first-floor bathroom. If your guest is fairly mobile, you should add grab rails or a bannister onto the stairs to make them easier to climb. This is a relatively cost-effective way of making the stairs a little bit safer, but it can still be daunting for people who are not confident on their feet.

That’s where we come in. Superglide Stairlifts have a selection of straight and curved stairlifts that can fit a variety of stairs including custom or strangely-shaped staircases! Over the years stairlifts have been built and refined to the things they are today. A stairlift no longer has to be wired into the mains, and neither does it take up a large amount of space! Due to advancements in technology and materials, stairlifts are now more affordable than ever. Stairlifts take only take a few hours to install and are easy to maintain.


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