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Stairlift buyers guide

Should you buy a stairlift?


With the amount of stairlifts online to choose from, it can be troublesome finding the right stairlift for you. However, first and foremost, you should consider whether a stairlift is the right solution to your needs.

Is a Stair Lift Right for You?

If you are committed to purchasing a stair lift or simply browsing, we feel it is important to first find out whether or not a stair lift is suitable enough to accommodate your needs. In some instances, a stair lift may not be the most appropriate and best alternative to aiding your mobility. In which case we feel obliged to offer the best possible advice to help you regain your independence.

So who are Stairlifts for?

Stairlifts, whether they are commercial or residential, have been developed to assist individuals who may find discomfort in walking up and down stairs. There are many aliments that Stairlifts have been specifically designed for, including but not limiting to:

  • Arthritis
  • Severe back pain
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Old age

And many other medical conditions that restrict mobility

There are many other cases where a stair lift would be suitable. If you feel like you are at potential risk from causing injury when walking up and down stairs then we would most certainly hold a stair lift as a high priority. An alternative to installing a stair lift would be to recommend that the person relocates their living furniture on the ground floor of the property to help reduce any potential harm.

Personal instances where a stair lift would not be suitable?  

To some mobility restrictions can be at a threshold where stair lift would improve one’s quality of life. However, if mobility is still possible without a great deal of discomfort, we would recommend that you wait before purchasing a stair lift for your home as joints can deteriorate quickly when mobility is reduced. Therefor we would always advise an individual to remain as active as possible until a pain threshold is close to being reached or the risk of falling would be highly unlikely.

All stair lifts come with weight restrictions. If your mobility is restricted due to size, then you may be restricted to your choice of stair lifts. It is important to check manufacturer’s guidelines prior to purchasing your stair lift to ensure it is accommodating to your needs. Because of this, we bare consideration in to what manufacturers we work with to accommodate to a wide range of body types and personal restrictions. It is important to note that each manufacturer’s guidelines will differ depending on what model you wish, the type of rail that is going to be installed and any structural altercations that your stair case may have.

Structural restrictions to a stair lift installation

In most cases, where there is a stair case, a stair lift can be installed. However, there may be structural restrictions that prevent a stair lift installation which would compromise an individual’s safety. This is often resolved with a quick home visit by our stair lift technicians. Whereby safety checks and feasibility reports are carried out to ensure to you don’t commit to purchasing a stair lift which would be unsuitable for your home.

Should concerns be made over structural restrictions in your home that would prevent a stair lift being fitted, an option would be to locate cleaning and toilet facilities on the ground floor of your home. This would help reduce the need to walk up and down the stair case of your home to it minimum.

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