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This latest blog will explain our latest stairlift in Manchester installation!

Perch Stairlift in Manchester Installation

Our latest installation took place in Manchester last month, fully fitted by our expert team at Superglide Stairlifts.

What is a perch stairlift?

A perch stairlift is a type of standing stairlift designed to provide extra support to those with mobility issues.

How is a perch stairlift different to a traditional stairlift?

Unlike a traditional standing stairlift, the user is not required to stand upright; instead, they are in a semi-seated position, with their feet on the footrest and their back resting against the backrest of the lift.

Where can I install a Perch Stairlift?

As shown below, a perch stairlift is suitable for narrow stairlifts where space is limited.

Image of recently installed Manchester Perch stairlift by Superglide Stairlifts

Image of recently installed Manchester Perch stairlift by Superglide Stairlifts

Our expert team will assist in getting you the right stairlift for your home, whether it be a perch, straight or curved stairlift.

How much does a perch stairlift cost?

A perch stairlift installation usually costs around £850, fully fitted and includes an 18-month warranty!

What are the benefits of perch stairlifts?

Perch stairlifts offer numerous benefits to users and their families.


They are incredibly discreet and slim in design, meaning they take up considerably less space on staircases than traditional seated models, allowing for more clearance in tighter spaces.

Easy to operate

They are also easy to operate; most perch stairlifts have a single button which activates the system, and the lift will automatically cease operation when the user reaches the top or bottom of the stairs.

Joint/Flexibility Issues

Perch stairlifts are also ideal for individuals who have joint or flexibility issues, as they allow users to stand rather than sit, which can be painful for those with mobility issues.

This helps reduce strain on joints such as knees and hips and provides a more comfortable journey up and down the stairs.

What do our customers say?

One customer had this to say about our latest stairlift installation:

“I am extremely happy with the service from Superglide Stairlift.

“From enquiring to fitting, Superglide has done a great job providing excellent service.

“This new stairlift installation should help and make my Dad’s life a whole lot easier when he stays at my house.”

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