If you’re searching for reconditioned stairlifts in Warrington, Superglide Stairlifts has a treat for you with our latest product!

A leading name in the stairlift market, we’re pleased to now be able to offer the latest product from Stannah — the Stannah 600!

In this latest blog, we’ll discuss all the features and benefits of the Stannah 600 and why there’s nobody better than Superglide Stairlifts for reconditioned stairlifts Warrington!

You’ll also hear from a delighted Stannah 600 customer in our latest customer testimonial.

What are the benefits of the Stannah 600?

Stannah has long held the title of the UK’s premier stairlift provider, and the Stannah 600 offers precisely what you’d expect from the latest in stairlift innovation.

An example of a simple yet intelligent feature is that the adjustable seatbelt is easy-to-use and can be fitted using only one hand.

This is ideal for users that may suffer from conditions such as arthritis, who may otherwise find this task difficult.

An onboard display panel can also help you to understand the functionality of the Stannah 600 in user-friendly terms.

A slimline rail also makes for a smoother ride than most reconditioned stairlifts in Warrington.

What features can you expect from the Stannah 600?

The Stannah 600 has numerous features that enhance the ride and design of this latest stairlift.

These include:

  • Folding Seat & Arms
  • Automatic Folding Footrest
  • Low Voltage Operation
  • Easy-to-use Toggle Controls
  • *Choice of upholstery colours

*Please note that as this is a reconditioned stairlift, changing the upholstery colour will incur an additional charge of £49.99.

How much does the Stannah 600 cost?

This reconditioned stairlift in Warrington retails between £1,200-£1,800.

The top end of this price reflects any additional extras you may want to add to tailor to your needs.

These additional extras can include:

  • Hinged Track
  • Powered Swivel 

Both of the above can be purchased for an add-on price of £200.00.

Stannah 600 Customer Testimonial

We’d like to say a big thank you to this customer for leaving us our latest customer testimonial after the installation of their Stannah 600 reconditioned stairlift in Warrington:

They had this to say on Superglide Stairlifts:

I just want to say a big thank you for the customer service provided [by Superglide Stairlifts] and the swiftness with which everything was sorted. 


A big thank you to the engineer who was extremely prompt, efficient, and thorough in explaining how to use the [Stannah 600] stairlift —many thanks!

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