When people think of “Used” or “Preloved” items and tech, quite often people think about the cosmetic look of the item and, frankly, how long it will last once purchased. We understand the need to know about reconditioned stairlift safety so we’ve put together this brief blog post on our processes.

Buying used doesn’t have to mean compromising on reliability. At Superglide Stairlifts, we take pride in our reconditioning process, and we sell five times as many reconditioned stairlifts as we do new. That’s because we’re giving you the best version of a used stairlift at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Handicare 950+ straight stairlift

Where do reconditioned stairlifts come from?

Our stock comes from multiple trusted sources. We check each stairlift for major issues before agreeing to purchase it. We even reuse stairlifts that have been repurchased from our own customers.

What goes into reconditioning a stairlift?


Once we agree to purchase a stairlift, we do a visual check of the stairlift in our workshop. We check the casing for cracks, damage and any cosmetic wear. We then remove the outer casing and check the internal parts of the stairlift, including the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the motor, bearings, rollers and any parts linked with charging the stairlift.

Surface Cleaning

Once this general check has been completed, the stairlift is put onto a test track. The inner workings of the stairlift are cleaned using pressurised air and a variety of cleaners and lubricants if necessary. Any parts that are worn will be replaced by the engineer.


Every reconditioned stairlift we send out has its batteries replaced. Old batteries are repurposed and recycled so nothing goes wasted. Once this has been completed, the stairlift will be left to rest for at least an hour, but usually overnight-2 days. The lift is then run up and down the track multiple times both by remote and whilst an engineer sits on it, to test the weight-bearing, switches, and whether the lift makes a noise or bumps, which could indicate more work to be done.

Cleaning Supplies in a Green bucket

Deep Cleaning

Once the engineer is happy with how the lift runs, the casing/chair etc is all put back together and screwed into place. The stairlift is deep cleaned top-to-bottom and the carpet is replaced if necessary. Arms are tightened, and the seatbelt is cleaned and tested.

Now we go onto the final phase of reconditioning the stairlift, the most important part:

Reconditioned Stairlift Safety Checks

Modern stairlifts are fitted with a variety of safety features including sensor switches and LCD displays which show an error code should something occur. The engineer tests every single switch across the stairlift. Usually, stairlifts have sensor switches on the upside and downside of the footplate, underneath the footplate and on the upside and downside of the lift. We test these multiple times to make sure the lift makes an immediate stop should it come into contact with something on the stairs. We also sit in the stairlift and test the seatbelt and arm toggle. Stairlifts nowadays are fitted with what’s called a “dead man’s” toggle, meaning you have to continuously hold the control arm down in order to move the lift. If your finger slips off the toggle, the lift must stop immediately.

We test that the footplate, arms and seat stay folded when raised. We test the seat swivel multiple times, and that it locks in place. For a powered swivel, we test whether the seat swivels automatically when it reaches the top of the track. We also test all error codes on the lift if it has an LCD display. Such as a turned key, switch pushed in, lift at the end of the track, or seat swivelled. These are just a few of the main ways we do our reconditioned stairlift safety checks.

Stannah Stairlift Siena Straight Stairlift from Superglide stairlifts

Reconditioning Stairlift FAQs

Do reconditioned stairlifts come with new batteries?

Yes, we change the batteries on all our lifts before they go out.

Will the reconditioned stairlift be scruffy?

We purchase stairlifts of many varying ages and levels of condition from average to mint condition. Every care is taken to restore the stairlift back to its former glory, including changing ripped upholstery, deep cleaning and changing cosmetic parts. A small number of older lifts may have experienced sun bleaching, which is where the plastic casing has changed colour over time, but this will be reflected in the price, and if you’d prefer a higher-condition lift, just let us know, we have many different ages of lifts for sale!

Can I change the colour of the reconditioned stairlift?

Actually, yes! Some stairlifts such as the Brooks/Acorn branded lifts only come in one colour. However lifts such as Stannah and Handicare have swappable upholstery, and we usually have a variety of colours in stock to choose from. Sometimes if we have reconditioned upholstery available, we can even change the colour for you free of charge!

Is it safe to use a reconditioned stairlift?

Each one of our stairlifts goes through a vigorous safety check, with many steps not included here for clarity’s sake. But reconditioned lifts have the same safety features as a brand new lift. Safety is never compromised. If a stairlift doesn’t pass our initial inspection, it will be broken down for good parts or recycled.

Is reconditioned the same as refurbished?

Our stairlifts are reconditioned as we work hard to restore them to great condition using used and brand-new parts. Refurbishing often constitutes similar practices to a repair and doesn’t include the same steps as restoring to almost new.

Do you get a warranty on a reconditioned stairlift?

Yes. We are proud to offer our generous 18-month warranty on all our reconditioned lifts, which includes all parts and labour. We even give you the option to extend the warranty for an annual fee if you desire. If not, that’s okay too, we’ll still look after you for our standard call-out fee.

Do you buy used stairlifts when they’re no longer needed?

We can do. Depending on our stock levels at the time, you can give us a call and we can buy back your stairlift or offer a free removal.

If you have any questions about our reconditioned stairlift safety, or purchasing reconditioned or new stairlifts, you can call us on 01925 414771 or tap the banner at the top of the screen.

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