Deciding to get a stairlift installation can be a difficult decision and it is a commitment. We have put together some common signs it may be time to install a stairlift below to help restore your independence in the home;

It is common for people to lose mobility around the home and this can be down to many varying factors including general aging and decreased mobility due to getting older or health conditions that may be acute or chronic can also decrease mobility. When people begin to struggle with mobility around the home this affects independence which can cause a degree of anxiety and even depression and a loss of confidence. If your property has stairs, you may feel that you are unable to utilise the home in full as you are limited to the downstairs space as the stairs are just too much or even dangerous for you to use.

It’s not always an easy decision to commit to installing a stairlift, this can be down to pride, the thought of possible disruption in the house, cost, or even pride. A stairlift can not only give you back the use of your full home; it can restore confidence and also help; with family relations as your loved ones will not be worried about falls on the stairs which we all know can result in catastrophic injury.

Some signs it may be time for you to look at stairlift installation include:

Worrying about falling up or down the stairs – If the thought of using the stairs is causing panic or anxiety then this is a clear indication that you need to take action. Nobody should be fearful of a simple thing like going upstairs in the home. A simple stairlift installation can help overcome this. 

Family Concerns – It is often the case that family and people that love you voice their concerns over safety within the home. It is important to listen to your family and loved ones as they will have your best interests at heart.

Could you cope in an emergency situation? – in the unfortunate event of an emergency meaning you had to get up or down the stairs would you be able to do this with confidence and safely? If the answer is no then this indicates the need for a stairlift installation which would then be able to get you to safety in a safe manner.

Finding yourself avoiding the stairs – Have you started to avoid using the stairs in the house? This may include changing sleeping arrangements to downstairs, using a downstairs bathroom more than usual, avoiding having to use the upstairs rooms? If you are doing any of these then this is a good indication that a stairlift may be a good idea.

Do you climb or come down the stairs differently? A change in the way you walk up or down the stairs can indicate fear of using them, this could include side-stepping, or even shuffling on your bottom, neither of these are safe and can increase the risk of injury or falls.

Have you had to ask to help on the stairs? – If you have had to ask for help using the stairs then this is a definite sign that a stairlift would be a good port of call. Using someone else to assist you up or downstairs can cause additional strain to the person who is assisting you and also to yourself.

Following hospital discharge – Following a hospital discharge you may be in pain, frail, or out of sorts which could mean a stairlift would be a good port of call to ensure that you are moving safely around the home and there is no further risk or injury. This obviously depends on the circumstances of your discharge and condition.

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