Stairlifts continue to be stereotyped as a useful tool for the elderly, and whilst this age group may be the biggest purchasers of stairlifts, they are far from the only ones.

Here at Superglide, we see orders from a range of ages, abilities and more, proving that stairlifts can be an extremely useful product, whether you’re old or not.

You may not even have given it much thought, but perhaps a stairlift may be the perfect solution for yourself, a friend, family member or anyone else you can think of. It’s just one of the ways life can be made so much easier.

Here are some of the other uses…



Until recent times, children’s lack of mobility has been massively overlooked, but it seems that communities are finally starting to appreciate the struggles that youngsters can go through if they struggle with mobility.

Parents or carers shouldn’t be expected to carry a child simply because of their size, as not only is this extremely ageist but it can also be dangerous.

Whether they’re born with a disability or have developed one, a stairlift can make life so much easier, whether it’s in the home, school or out and about.

It also helps with inclusion, ensuring that the days of them being unable to participate in certain activities are a thing of the past.



As Britain’s levels of obesity continue to rise, so does the need for more help when it comes to mobility.

Even the simplest of tasks like walking up a set of stairs can be almost impossible for those with extreme obesity.

Installing a stairlift can be extremely cost-effective, especially if your building doesn’t have a lift or set of escalators.



Almost 20% of the UK has some form of disability, so no matter what age, there’s always a need for stairlifts.

Businesses can miss out on custom due to lack of disabled access when something as simple as a stairlift is all that is needed.

No matter the disability, stairs can be dangerous and hazardous, so having a stairlift in place will remove a lot of the worry for all parties.



Climbing stairs suddenly becomes a heroic feat during pregnancy, not to mention a trip or fall can be potentially disastrous.

Take the strain out of the mother and baby by installing a stairlift, allowing them to manoeuvre the stairs and not suffer from any further stress.

This can be a great way to save money, especially if you live in a house with steep stairs or multiple floors, removing the need to look at moving to a smaller home or one that is easier to navigate.

Superglide Stairlifts have been serving customers of all ages for generations; you can see the full range of products we offer, from pre-owned to brand new here.

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