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The Diversity of a Straight Stairlift

A straight Stairlift is the most commonly found type of Stairlift in houses across the UK. Unless your staircase is curved, a straight Stairlift is the forward for you.

There are many benefits of a straight Stairlift, and straight Stairlifts Warrington are here to tell you how a straight Stairlift will maximise your life to the full, leaving you feeling confident in your own home.

They’re Cheaper

A straight Stairlift is cheaper than a curved Stairlift for many reasons. Firstly, a curved Stairlift has to be custom made to the curved and dimensions of that staircase. Because of this, the cost will rise more significantly than a straight Stairlift, as the track is simpler and easier to construct.

Secondly, a curved Stairlift has to have specially designed and built tracks that also fit the dimensions of the staircase. With a straight Stairlift, it’s a lot simpler to find a track that will fit that staircase as it’s just an up and down operation.

They’re Easier to Install

A straight Stairlift is the easiest of the range to install. For starters, they only take a few hours to install, whereas a curved stairlift will take a considerably longer amount of time. A curved stairlift has more parts to consider, whereas the straight stairlift will have less.

Straight Stairlifts Warrington professionals admit that the straight Stairlift is the easier of the two to install; however, they enjoy the task of curved Stairlifts also

They’re Easily Customisable

Straight stairlifts are much easier to customise and come in a broader range than curved do. This means that if you require extra padding or extra support, then you might find it harder to find a brand that gives you all those extra options.

Straight Stairlifts also come in a broader range of colours so that they can match your walls and interior décor and not look too out of place. Most people are worried that it’ll become an eye-sore in their home, but with the right customisations, this can become less of a concern.

They’re More Commonly Found

As the straight Stairlift is more commonly required for most homes in the UK, it stands to reason that it’s the most common type of Stairlift. A majority of homes in the UK don’t have a lot of turns or curves, so the straight stairlift is going to be the most common – simply due to UK architecture.

There tends to be a larger amount of straight Stairlifts than there are curved. This is down to the same factor of that they’re more in demand than curved, and therefore need to be readily available and easily customisable.

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