You may think that the process of reconditioning a stairlift is a simple one; this couldn’t be further from the truth!

In our latest SuperGlide Stairlift blog, we’ll talk you through what is undertaken to take a used stairlift and turn it into a reconditioned stairlift. This ensures that it is fit for purpose and can be safely sold and installed in its next home.

Whilst our reconditioned stairlifts cost less than their new counterparts, quality and safety are never compromised. We have a rigorous safety assessment process, which we will detail in this blog.


Safety Tests –

First things first, with any used product in any line of work, safety tests must be conducted to ensure that no part of a reconditioned stairlift is faulty or unfit for purpose.

Our rigorous safety tests include:

  • Testing of all electrical equipment; this is includes testing of plugs, remote controls, joystick operation.
  • Mechanical testing; both motor and braking systems are put through their paces to ensure both going up and downstairs is a safe and smooth journey.
  • Seat and seatbelt testing; any damage to either chair or seatbelt operation/functionality will be repaired or replaced.
  • Any marks/scuffs to appearance will be reupholstered, leaving your new reconditioned stairlift looking as good as new!


Hygiene/Cleaning –

In the world of COVID-19, we have been so aware of the importance of good hygiene and cleanliness.

Any used stairlift that we purchase or that comes into our possession is subject to an intensive, deep clean.

The safety of our customers is paramount. We will not let a single stairlift go out to a customer until we are completely satisfied that it is safe and clean to do so!


Operating Testing-

As mentioned previously in our safety testing, the functionality and operation of a used stairlift are hugely important.

A faulty remote or motor system is of no use to a paying customer. More importantly, it would put their safety at risk if it was sold in an unfit state of disrepair.

At SuperGlide Stairlifts, our installation team conduct operational tests on a used stairlift to ensure that all is working as it should. Once they’re happy, we can then list it as a reconditioned stairlift for sale!


To find out more about reconditioned stairlifts, call 0800 058 8044 or click here to see our complete list of available reconditioned stairlifts!

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