Stairlifts for pets - blog
All of us experience the effect of aging, including our furry friends. This often results in our pets finding it difficult to climb up and down stairs. Similarly, we are all guilty of over-feeding our pets from time to time. This can often lead to our fuzzy counter parts finding mobility a struggle. Especially when it comes down to stairs! Fortunately, a UK based insurance company are currently developing a revolutionary pet stair lift for obese and aging pets. At last our podgy pets can get from A to B in style once more.

Whilst this is not the solution to the increasing numbers of obesity in our pets, at least it allows our ageing friends to get up and down stairs like they used to.

Here at Superglide Stairlifts we take our hats off to the guys developing this new pet project and cannot wait to see it on shelves in the UK soon.

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