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What is a Curved Stairlift?

When it comes to Stairlifts, they have a wide range of possibilities to suit your staircase’s needs. This wide range gives you different options to choose from, rather than the standard straight Stairlift.

Everyone’s staircase is different and curved Stairlifts Warrington knows the best option to suit you and your staircase correctly. Knowing what to choose from is half the battle, but with any excellent Stairlift company comes the knowledge and will advise you correctly on which Stairlift would be most useful or the most obvious choice to fit your staircase.

But, what is a curved Stairlift? And how does it work? These are questions that we’ll answer in this blog and more.

Will It Fit My Stairs?

If you have a staircase with particular needs, then you’ll probably be considering a curved Stairlift. A common question that we get asked is, will it fit my staircase?

To fully determine what the design of track and model that would best suit your needs, the company you have chosen will conduct a survey of your staircase to assess what you require out of the design adequately. This will be to determine if the lift should travel on the inside bend or the outside.

After they’ve assessed the dimensions of your stairs, they will then figure out which model will be best suited to the layout of your staircase. For example, if you have a steep staircase with tight bends, then a more compact model will be suggested, or a different seat might be discussed.

How Much Will It Cost? 

The cost of your curved Stairlift will depend on a variety of different factors. Because a curved Stairlift is designed primarily with your staircase in mind and will be entirely custom built, it will differ in price.

Curved Stairlifts Warrington advises to keep in the mind that because every staircase and build is different, the price will, therefore, differ to what it is you get done. The cost usually will depend on the number of stairs, the features you choose for you lift and the overall fitting and manufacturing cost.

A basic overall ball-part of the price you might be expecting will be anywhere from £4,000 to £5,000, depending on the model and the total cost.

Could I Get a Reconditioned Model?

A lot of companies sell reconditioned curved Stairlifts which tend to be considerably cheaper than new models.

Getting a cheaper Stairlift requires a certain level of research so that you know what you’re getting for your money. Refurbished will mean that the model is second-hand but has been thoroughly checked and repaired to ensure that it’s at a perfect standard. Most services will offer a guarantee, an installation service and a customer helpline, alongside your refurbed Stairlift.

How does it Work? 

Each curved Stairlift is made especially for each individual staircase, with specific measurements. Within the cushioned carriage of the chair is a motor which works to move the chair up and down the lift.

Most stair lift models will come with rechargeable batteries that can be plugged into any electrical outlet, in case there’s a power cut – as to not leave you stranded on the staircase! They will also come with other features like speed control, locking swivel seat and soft-start soft-stop.

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