Are you searching for a new stairlift and want to know how long it lasts? Superglide Stairlifts have the answer!

Here at Superglide Stairlifts, we provide our customers with stairlifts to suit their individual needs and requirements to improve their home independence.

This latest Superglide Stairlifts blog will explain all you need to know about the lifespan of a stairlift.

How long do Stairlift batteries last?

An average stairlift should last around ten years, but stairlifts are used with batteries that typically only last 2-5 years.

Once the battery of the stairlift is used, you will need to replace the batteries to get the stairlift moving again.

Our 24-hour emergency repairs and breakdown support are available if someone is in desperate need of their stairlift.

What will affect the lifespan of my stairlift?

Check out some of the reasons why the lifespan of your stairlifts could be affected below!

  • Use – A frequently used stairlifts will wear out quicker than a stairlifts used 2-3 times daily.
  • Weight – An individual’s weight is a contributing factor to the lifespan of stairlifts. The heavier the person, the more power the stairlifts has to use.
  • Incline – A longer, steeper stairlifts will have a reduced stairlifts lifespan than standard stairlifts.
  • Quality – Using Superglide Stairlifts means you will get quality stairlifts you can rely on. A low-quality stairlift will mean they break down earlier.

How do I increase the lifespan of my stairlift?

If you can carry out some checks on your stairlifts, here are some you should do for maintenance.

  • Inspecting the tracks for damage/rust.
  • See if there are any loose screws.
  • Battery checks.
  • Ensure bolts are fitted to the correct standard.

At Superglide, we give our customers an 18-month guarantee on all of our products for peace of mind.

Why choose Superglide Stairlifts?

We know it can sound a lot like a cliché, but we genuinely do have a passion for what we do.

There is no greater feeling than helping people daily regain their independence. It constantly motivates us to continue what we are doing and strive to improve on what we do best.

Whilst our customer service enables us to stand out from the crowd, we also offer the following benefits when you choose Superglide Stairlifts:

  • Unlimited call outs
  • All our craft comes fully insured
  • Complementary 18-month warranty with all of our products
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Personalised aftercare service

A 20-point safety check is made on our reconditioned UK stairlifts to ensure all safety devices are working correctly.

Our main priority is ensuring our customers receive the right product at the right price. Our trained experts deliver our help and advice service, and we don’t employ sales associates.

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