At Superglide Stairlifts, we not only offer new and top of the range stairlifts, but we also offer second-hand stairlifts that have been reconditioned to our highest standards – to the naked eye, you’d swear they were from our range of new stairlifts!

You may be concerned at the mention the word second-hand – in our latest Superglide Stairlifts blog, we aim to put any concerns you have regarding purchasing a second-hand stairlift to bed!


Is the quality the same? Are they just as safe?

Superglide Stairlifts can allay those fears by giving you a guarantee that all second-hand stairlifts that come through our doors are rigorously tested to an incredibly strict safety assessment.

In this assessment, we test all areas of a second-hand stairlift including its safety, hygiene and operating life. Once a stairlift has passed each of these key areas, only then will it receive the Superglide Stairlift seal of approval!


Can I Make Any Changes?

To answer that question simply, yes you can! Purchasing a second-hand stairlift doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes to the product to better suit your needs.

We offer additional extras that can be fitted to any second-hand stairlift. These can either be cosmetic changes such as a change in colour or more equipment based alterations such as adding a slide track, perch seat or a powered footplate.


Do I Need To Install A Second-Hand Stairlift Myself?

No, absolutely not! Our dedicated team of stairlift technicians can fit your second-hand stairlift in just the same professional and friendly manner as you’d come to expect from a new installation from Superglide Stairlifts.

We can have a stairlift up and running and fully functional in less than a day, with the minimum of fuss, ensuring once the installation is complete you’re free to enjoy the rest of your day – as well as your new second-hand Stairlift!

We hope this blog as helped on deciding whether a second-hand stairlift is for you or not. If it is, call us on 01925 414 771 or browse our range online here.


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