Stairlifts are far from one of the simplest purchases you’ll ever make in your lifetime, and that’s why its oh so important to make sure you choose your stairlift installer carefully.

Not only do they need to be installed safely, but you’ll want a product you can trust, safe in the knowledge that you are covered should something go wrong.

We can provide all of the above and more at Superglide Stairlifts, with a reputation for being one of the north west’s largest suppliers, with 30 years of improving mobility in homes and offices.

We know why you should choose us, but this blog will give further proof into why so many choose Superglide as their stairlift installer of choice, and why you should too!


A warranty you can rely on

Our staff are confident of the products they sell, and that’s why all our stairlifts, whether new or reconditioned come with a guarantee of two years.

Not only is the standard guarantee included, but you can choose to take out an extended warranty for extra peace of mind, at a more than affordable price.

Even if your product wasn’t purchased from us, we’re more than happy to be called out to repair it for a fee.


Get the full fit

Whether you’re new to the stairlift world or not, our expert fitters will be more than happy to remove any unwanted products before installation.

They’ll also fit your new one with precision and care, taking into account any curvature of the stairs or potential stumbling blocks.

Our trade-in deals are extremely competitive too, so if you no longer need a stairlift or are trading it in for a new one, we’ll be happy to offer you a good price.


Stellar servicing

Not only will you receive expert help when you buy our products, but we are also able to provide a service on your machine whenever it is due.

Rigorous checks will ensure that your stairlift is working as expected, and should any of this not be the case, we will, of course, be able to rectify it.

Keeping your machine services is a sure-fire way of prolonging the life of your product, getting even more value for your money.


Your safety is our safety

We only deal with reputable brands and manufacturers, opting for a quality product rather than a cheap one.

We stock some of the industries biggest names, and with that comes assurances that you will be receiving the real deal.

Before leaving our showroom, all of the stairlifts we supply are rigorously tested to ensure only the highest safety levels.

We treat each customer like they are family, and as well all know, family comes first.

Superglide Stairlifts have been serving customers of all ages for generations; If you have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 058 8044.